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LJ-A Adapted Life Jackets
LJ-A Adapted Life Jackets
  • Model: LJ-A Multiple Sizes
  • Manufactured by: Life Jacket-Adapted Inc.

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Life jacket Adapted (Lj-A)

The LJ-A are safe and reliable lifejackets designed for people of all ages with reduced mobility. They have revolutionized water safety for people with physical disabilities experiencing loss of control of their movements. Designed according to very high standards established by hospitals, Lj-A were first developed in rehab centers to meet the needs of individuals experiencing loss of autonomy through paraplegia, quadriplegia, spinal cord injuries, cerebral palsy, spina bifida or epilepsy.

Lifejacket Adapted is designed for people with disabilities. It keeps the face out of the water. It maintains the user in an upright position. If a person can place him/herself in an upright position, the Lj-A should be used rather than the PFD-A. Latex free.

Lj-A is a great tool for physio and ergotherapists. For the first time these professionals have access to a steady and safe support while they dispense their treatments. These safety vests are resistant to involuntary reflexes while at the same time stabilizing the body in the water. Therapists can now extend their hydro-therapeutic care simultaneously to a greater number of individuals.

These vests meet the needs of a large clientele such as hydro-therapists, enthusiasts, vacationers, senior citizens, children and infants.

SizeWeight Capacity
XX Small18-30 lbs
X Small30-45 lbs
Small40-70 lbs
Medium70-100 lbs
Large100 to 145 lbs
X Large135 to 250 lbs

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